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Take the reins of your company’s sustainability and sustainable development. We help you survey the current situation in your company regarding its sustainability and create a plan to promote sustainable development.

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Sustainability is key for competitiveness

The sustainability of SMEs has become an important factor for job-seekers, consumers, large corporate customers and entrepreneurs themselves. Did you know that

  • 63% of job-seekers see their employer’s sustainability as an important criterion1
  • 69% of Finns want information on the sustainability of their purchases to support decision-making2
  • 80% of large companies are planning to tighten the sustainability requirements placed on their subcontractors3
  • 93% of SMEs think that the importance of sustainability is going to increase in the future4

Sustainability is a broad concept, and understanding it requires quite a bit of time and learning. Running an SME can be hectic, struggling with limited time and resources. Majority of sustainability services and tools are designed with the needs of large enterprises in mind, or they are too surface-level to be actually beneficial.

That's why we decided to create a service that is tailored specifically to the sustainability development needs of SMEs.

Sources: 1) The Responsible Employer study conducted by Oikotie in 2021, 2) Orkla Sustainable Life Barometer 2022, 3) Survey of large corporations conducted by OP Financial Group in 2023 and 4) SME Sustainability Barometer conducted by the Confederation of Finnish Industries in 11/2021.

Kickstart your sustainability work with ease

Sustainability assessment

We assess your current sustainability and identify strengths, areas for development and directions for moving forward.

  • Assessment tool
  • 3 coaching sessions
  • Current status report, development targets and action proposals
  • Online guide and chat support

Price 3500 euros

We have sustainability on our leadership team agenda, and we were looking for a tool in order to get started with work. The service helped us quickly and conveniently attain an overall picture of this broad and multi-faceted subject. It gave us a good framework for what sustainability looks like for our company, and it pointed us in the right direction for building a greener future for Citrus. This was the best thing ever!

Henrietta Heikkilä

CEO, Citrus

With the help of the service, we were able to easily obtain a situational picture that we can use to keep improving our sustainability and respond to our clients’ questions. At the same time, I learned a lot and attained a clear overall picture of the different areas of sustainability.

Anni Anttonen

COO, Maria 01

The analysis helped us with planning our sustainability strategy by clarifying our operations’ current strengths and weaknesses with regard to sustainability. The coaching meetings especially increased our understanding and confidence, and now we know that the way we describe our sustainability efforts is both transparent and thorough.

Sanni Välilä

Controller, Gapps

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Anna Helaniemi

As a consultant, Anna has solved the transformation challenges of companies representing a wide array of industries. Now, she is expediting sustainability work for companies using science based methods. Anna is M.Sc. in Economics and has also completed Environmentla and Social Science Studies at the University of Turku and Helsinki.


Petri Vilen

Petri has nearly two decades of experience on developing SME business operations as an entrepreneur, CEO, member of the Board and a consultant. Petri has also completed studies on Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge.