Can't spell EMU without U & ME!

The best place to work in the industry? That is our goal!

EMU is a work community consisting of professionals from various fields, where everyone gets to be themselves. Our professionals are experienced in financial management, payroll management, HR services, legal services, sales, marketing, responsibility, internationalisation as well as leadership. 


EMU has a unique corporate culture

The way we do things stems from our culture, and the well-being of the emus and our customers is at the very centre of it. Although our professionals work in very different roles, we’re all united by our focus on people. We do our work seriously but with light hearts!

The atmosphere at EMU is open-minded and encouraging. We care, help and inspire each other. Empathy is also one of our core values. We put ourselves in the place of our colleagues and customers alike, and we listen to their words carefully because we want to genuinely understand them. And let’s not forget about humour in our daily lives. It inspires us and our customers to reach ever higher towards success.

At EMU, you get to discover new strengths and develop those that you already have. We support you on your learning path. Our mission is to interpret the story behind the numbers and model the future for our customers so that they can utilise that information to guide their business activities and reach their goals. After all, our slogan is “Hugging your business!”.

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Commitment to the customer

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Open positions

Open application
We welcome rising stars who are at the beginning of their careers as well as experts who have already gained years of experience. Just the right mix of hunger for growth and extensive experience is what makes us special, and EMU a place where everyone can grow.

You will flourish at EMU if you’re able to put yourself into the customer’s shoes and you have a curious attitude towards learning new things. Authentic enthusiasm, courage and exercising self-management when approaching one’s work are key factors for you to succeed. The softwares we use are Procountor and Netvisor. 

EMU is a legend among the best workplaces in Finland

We need to be able to hear the emus’ voices in order to target our development measures correctly and to monitor the results of those measures. For this purpose, we have participated in the Great Place To Work assessment for several years. Great Place To Work is a reliable and globally recognised acknowledgement of excellent employee experience, corporate culture based on trust and commitment to building a good workplace. EMU has participated in the Great Place To Work study since 2017 and has received the GPTW certificate and made the ranking every year.

We received the Legends title from Great Place To Work because we have been one the best places to work in Finland for over five years. 

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Employee benefits
  • Flexible working hours and flexi-time arrangements

    flexible working hours and flexi-time arrangements

  • Possibility of working from both home and the office as well as a hybrid model (Helsinki and Turku)

    possibility of working from both home and the office as well as a hybrid model (Helsinki and Turku)

  • Technical tools for working remotely

    technical tools for working remotely

  • Wages above the industry average

    wages above the industry average

  • Extensive occupational health services

    extensive occupational health services

  • Benefits for sports, culture, travel, lunch, telephone and massage services

    benefits for sports, culture, travel and massage services

  • Recreational activities for teams

    recreational activities for teams

  • Home-care service for employees with a sick child

    home-care service for employees with a sick child

  • Bonuses granted for receiving training

    bonuses granted for receiving training

  • Monthly breakfasts at the offices

    monthly breakfasts at the offices

  • Send us your suggestion! What benefits would you like to see? We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

    send us your suggestion! What benefits would you like to see? We look forward to hearing your suggestions!

It's not always necessary to be the best in one's role when there are experts within the organization whom you can ask for help when needed. However, it is important to have the desire to grow and develop. New systems and practices are constantly emerging.

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Anton Nurmiainen

Financial Manager, KLT, PHT

Listening the entrepreneur and taking notes both the challenges they face and their normal business matters is good customers service. It is important to be accountable and trustworthy for the right and important things for the customer. If you don't know the answers to the customer right away you need to communicate that you will find out and get back to them. That is what customers appreciate.

helena_hovi_verkkojulkaisuihin kelpaava_matalaresoluutio-1
Helena Hovi

Chief Accountant, KLT

It's not worth dwelling on one's own mistakes in work; they happen to everyone inevitably. The most important thing is to learn from them. A sense of humor goes a long way.

Sari Sihvonen

Service Manager Payroll, PHT

I used to work in administrative positions at EMU before. I expressed my desire to study HR further, and this was received very well at EMU. My decision was supported, and soon enough, I was given HR responsibilities to handle, which eventually became my main job.

ellinoora_orpana_verkkojulkaisuihin kelpaava_matalaresoluutio-1
Ellinoora Orpana

HR Specialist

As the customers have grown, I have also grown in my work. Whenever more challenging situations arise, I have always been able to ask for help from other Emudians.

juha_litmanen_verkkojulkaisuihin kelpaava_matalaresoluutio-1
Juha Litmanen

Chief Accountant, KLT

Responsibility is reflected in our work community

We’re actively developing our operations and culture in order to create sustainable well-being and business.

A total of 88% of emus consider EMU to be a good workplace as a whole. We have especially been praised for our equality and the trust that our management places in employees. At EMU, leadership involves enabling employee participation and empowering employees.

Almost 100% of emus feel that people here are treated equally regardless of their origin, native language or sexual orientation. EMU’s strengths also include respect, fairness and a good team spirit.

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A forerunner in financial management: Transparent salary ranges

We have drafted salary ranges for every role at EMU, and everyone working here has access to this information. We also provide salary ranges in our open job postings.

Transparency with regard to wages clarifies career paths and progression for emus, while also giving an idea of how demanding a specific position might be. It also improves satisfaction at both ends of the recruitment process and promotes equality and openness.

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