Company internationalization

Do you want to take your business to international markets, but are still looking for confidence and expert support? EMU is here to help.

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Venture boldly into the world

International business can be complex and require extensive administrative expertise. But that's where we come in. EMU offers tailored solutions for companies aiming to grow in international markets. Whether it's setting up new business operations, financing, budgeting, transfer pricing, group billing, taxation in different countries, currency conversions, or other challenges, our Nordic team is ready to support you.

EMU has a unique Nordic team operating in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Additionally, we also help more broadly through our global partner network. Seamless communication between countries ensures a better overall picture of your company's situation.

EMU's Nordic team at your service. You can expect from us:
  • Expertise tailored

    Expertise tailored to your needs: We customize our services to meet your specific requirements.

  • Continuous support

    Continuous support and guidance: We are here to help and advise you throughout your journey of internationalization.

  • Comprehensive insight

    Comprehensive insight into your company's situation: We create tailored financial management processes and reports for you, helping you gain a better overall view of your company's status across different markets.

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EMU will help you to get support and guidance throughout the stages of your company’s lifecycle, from the ground up! We make the process of founding a business smoother.

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EMU is one of our most important external, ongoing partnerships, and it was natural for us to turn to EMU with our internationalization ideas. It's great and essential that our accounting firm can also assist us in these matters.

Tomi Hänninen
CEO, Venuu