Successful acquisitions

Successful business acquisitions require careful planning and extensive competence. Our accounting company offers comprehensive services that support you throughout every stage of the acquisition process. Our services are available both for those seeking to sell or buy their company.

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Every acquisition is unique

The implementation of a business acquisition depends upon various factors, such as the wishes of the parties, the size of the company, the industry, the financing opportunities and the strategic goals. Every acquisition is unique, and the method of implementation is selected through careful planning, with a negotiation result that meets the wishes and expectations of all parties.

There are many ways for carrying out an acquisition. The most common ways are transfers of shares, asset deals, mergers or generational changes, other corporate reorganisations and investment solutions.

Expertise in legal affairs, finances and taxes are important in order for the transaction to be carried out efficiently and fairly for all parties. 

EMU can provide you with the expertise you need in order to carry out a successful business acquisition. Our experts in legal affairs, finances, taxes and HR are all at your disposal.

Implementing acquisitions with the help of EMU
  • a clear strategy

    a clear strategy

  • realistic assessments and valuations

    realistic assessments and valuations

  • a smooth due diligence process

    a smooth due diligence process

  • negotiation skills and support

    negotiation skills and support

  • understanding of contractual law

    understanding of contractual law

  • preparation of contracts

    preparation of contracts

  • help with personnel commitment in a changing situation

    help with personnel commitment in a changing situation

  • risk management and prevention of mistakes

    risk management and prevention of mistakes

  • taxation expertise

    taxation expertise

  • documentation and paperwork on your behalf

    documentation and paperwork on your behalf

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Whether you are the seller or buyer in a business acquisition, we can look at things from your perspective and carry out a successful acquisition with you.

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