Obligations and rights of the employer

An employer needs to be aware of the different obligations and rights that concern both the employer themself and their employees. EMU helps you build a well-functioning work community.

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employer obligations

Success depends on the functional everyday life of the work community

You want to fulfill your obligations and know your rights as an employer. You want the practical matters of the daily life in your company to run smoothly when it comes to matters related to your personnel. Over time, the uncertainty about how to do things may have grown, and some of your processes might have become a bit confusing as well.

EMU offers support for employers. We organise training courses, where we succinctly cover topics related to employment relationships. We are a reliable payroll partner for many companies, and our HR HelpDesk can support you by answering your tough questions about HR management. We can handle certain areas of HR management for you or you can outsource your entire HR management to us for long-term collaboration. The main objective is to create a seamless work community that enables you to reach your goals. 

Accounting company as a partner to employers
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    time savings

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EMU’s solutions for employers

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We help you understand the rights and obligations of employers and implement them in your daily life to ensure the well-being of everyone in your company.

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EMU is the right choice for you when you are seeking to reform your business or develop your financial management!