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Expert organisations provide special know-how and expertise in a specific field or within a certain subject area. EMU frees up the time of expert companies and organisations so they can focus on their core operations, employees and own clients.

We offer optimised processes, high-quality reporting and sparring to experts, guaranteeing successful business operations. A partnership with EMU brings certainty to the company’s decision-making process, as all decisions can be based on reported facts and realistic forecasts. This also improves your company’s risk management and ability to anticipate.

With us, you get to develop your own expertise related to financial, HR and legal matters and, thereby, improve the quality of your business operations. 

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Bookkeeping is being managed much more efficiently than we are used to –the bookkeeping is completed a week earlier than before!

Tuomas Saranen

CEO, Avoset

Everything simply has become more efficient with the EMU.

Kalle Santalahti

CEO, Kubla

During the first year of our collaboration, several modifications were made to the payroll management process. All based on Dastia's needs. EMU, as an active and agile partner, has enabled the planning and execution of operational changes as part of a natural partnership.

Sampo Lehtinen

CEO, Dastia-siivous

I highly recommend EMU. We have received so much help from them that I don't know how I can ever thank Helena, Samuli, Jouni, and all the other helpful EMU team members!

Katja Koski

CEO, Äänneloikka

Working with an expert hub like EMU, we feel we gain opportunities that an individual wouldn't be able to offer if we were to handle things internally within our company.

Martti Kuusanmäki


EMUdians are highly accessible, they listen and serve.

Jyrki Jalli

CEO, IdeaStructura

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