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EMU creates structure for growth.

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EMU for startups and growth companies

Young and growth-oriented companies seek to develop and scale innovative business ideas to the market without being afraid of change or risks.

EMU is proactive, provides advice and helps to forecast the future of your business, making it a reliable guide for startup and growth companies.

EMU creates structure for the entrepreneurs of startup and growth companies. We help with the control of cash flow, assist with financing rounds and offer consultancy regarding quickly changing situations.

We react quickly and provide a personal client experience. It’s easy to communicate with us on Slack, for example.

Solutions for financial & HR management and legal support

Bookkeeping services Payroll services HR services Legal services CFO services Interim Systems

We possess a valuable expertise in EMU's understanding of growth companies and their requirements.

Juha Hannulabacka

CFO, Gapps

The culture handbook is an excellent tool for growing companies for whom culture and its development are important.

Elba Horta

Business Development & Communications,

When the bookkeeping is in order and financial management matters are handled with professionalism, it brings peace of mind and a sense of tranquility. Everything has been going exceptionally well.

Kaisa Soininen

COO, Yogaia

The best aspect of EMU is that you understand the target customer. You have already gone through a similar growth journey yourselves and possess the right amount of startup spirit.

Juha Hannulabacka

CFO, Gapps

EMU has played a crucial role in the journey of Happeo from its inception to the present day. EMU has a comprehensive understanding of the economy and its support functions, as well as the needs of a scaling SaaS company, ranging from business understanding and billing to financial processes and due diligence.

Perttu Ojansuu

CEO, Happeo

One of EMU's strengths lies in its continuousimprovements in financial management. Things simply work smoothly.

Anssi Rusi


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EMU has a heart of a startup and growth company. We understand your situation and have the solutions for different business stages.

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