EMU understands the specific features of different business operations

EMU understands the specific features of different business operations.

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Client encounters and recognising clients’ needs is our strength

We want to revive the stiff client experiences of the accounting industry! Our goal is to provide the leading client experience in the industry.

That’s why our organisation has been structured in a client-oriented manner. As a client of EMU, you are assisted by a team of experts that are dedicated to your business needs. With the help of the dedicated team of experts, we can provide you expertise in line with the specific needs of your industry.

We don’t just want to sort out the necessary legal requirements – we also want to enable the well-being and success of our client companies. 

Becoming a client is as simple as it gets!

1. It all starts with a contact

Leave us a contact request and we’ll arrange a Meet & Greet. We map out your actual needs and draft a proposition for our co-operation.

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2. You can start using our services on a turnkey basis!

We’ll organize a competent team of experts tailored to your needs and field of business.

We’ll ensure that the practices in your company are both modern and highly automated.

We can also take care of all of your communications with third parties, such as your previous accounting company and system providers.

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3. Effortless everyday life through co-operation!

We’ll work together with you to build functional daily routines for your financial management that save as much of your energy as possible.

Our wide range of services can be scaled according to the needs of your business.

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Chat with a professional
Fredrik Widenäs

+358 40 738 7209

You can ask me any questions you may have. Let’s find the best solutions together.

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#huggingyourbusiness is our motto, because that’s what we do!

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