Challenging situations

Is your company facing a challenging situation? EMU has the expertise, support and helping hands needed to make sense of the situation. We’ll get it all sorted for you!

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EMU is a genuine corporate partner

A company faces various situations throughout its lifecycle. It’s not uncommon for a company to run out of knowledge, time and, possibly, even resources. EMU is much more than an accounting company.

Our slogan is “Hugging your business”. It’s all on display in how we can map out, remind, care, contact, agree, notify, call, send, prepare documentation, explain, clarify and ask on your behalf. How else could we help you sort out your challenging situation?

Examples of situations where you can turn to EMU
  • growth control

    growth control

  • problems with funding

    problems with funding

  • financial difficulty

    financial difficulty

  • taxation-related matters

    taxation-related matters

  • legislative change, legal affairs

    legislative change, legal affairs

  • HR management-related problems

    HR management-related problems

  • improving profitability

    improving profitability

  • what to do in a crisis

    what to do in a crisis

  • reporting requirements

    reporting requirements

  • digitisation and process development

    digitisation and process development

  • change negotiations

    change negotiations

  • corporate reorganisations

    corporate reorganisations

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