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The financial management of a company requires more than just statutory bookkeeping – you also need a realistic picture of your company’s finances now and in the future. EMU offers CFO services that help you understand and manage your company’s finances. No more shots in the dark, base your decisions on information.

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Your company’s finances should not come as a surprise

The finances of your company should never come as a surprise – whether you are looking at your company’s past, its present or predicting its future. Our CFO services ensure that you have adequate information and resources to manage your company’s finances at all times.

During situations of change, you may also need project-based financial management. This might be the case when your company is seeking funding or being listed, during corporate acquisitions and share transactions. EMU’s CFO services support you on your journey towards change. Our services scale according to the needs of your business.

EMU is the right choice for you when you are seeking to reform your business or develop your financial management!

Anja Kahri

Executive Director, AFS ry

The cornerstones of company finances

Partnership with EMU is also visible in your numbers over time.

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A financial expert by your side during changes

EMU has kept up with our pace well even though all aspects of our operations have doubled or even tripled in volume during our cooperation.

Martti Kuusanmäki

COO & Founder, Duunitori

CFO services add some extra hands for financial management

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Do you have any questions about our CFO services or parts of it? I’ll gladly put my expertise to the test and answer any questions that you may have.

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We can support your financial management during individual projects and in the form of long-term collaboration. Tell us what you need.

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